The Kiosk Playa Salemera in Villa de Mazo won the Popular Prize awarded by the clients of the IX edition of the Route of Crosses and Tapas for its cover “Oriental Passion”. An oriental-style preparation based on rice, avocado, tuna, mayonnaise, soy and culminated with sprouts.

The 6 awards are a work of delicate local manufacture, elaborated by careful artisan hands for a special occasion by the artisans Víctor García Pérez, the last brassmaker on La Palma, and Jorge Pino Pérez Hernández, a craftsman specialized in percussion musical instruments.

During the event, in addition to the awards to the winning establishments of the ninth edition of the Route, the representatives of the organization handed over the vouchers corresponding to the prize lots of accommodation for two people in hotel establishments, vouchers for cultural activities , leisure, sports and free time, direct discounts in restaurants, baskets of artisanal and agri-food products, lots of cheeses and wines, kitchen appliances, a Tablet or Kilos of gofio according to the weight of the winner and a tasting menu in the winning establishments. the prizes for the palm tree cover and the free cover.

Institutional evaluations The closing ceremony was attended by the vice president of the Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce in La Palma, Alicia Pérez Garnier, the Minister of Economic Promotion and Commerce of the Cabildo de La Palma, Raquel Díaz Díaz, the mayors of Villa de Mazo, Goretti Pérez Corujo, Breña Baja, Borja Pérez Sicilia, Breña Alta, Jonathan de Felipe Lorenzo and the Councilor for Local Development Ángel Pérez González and on the part of Santa Cruz de La Palma, Carla Rodríguez Rodríguez, Councilor for Local Development. The president of the Association of Entrepreneurs Pymes-Balta, José Abián Concepción Pérez and the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Historic District, Eloy Méndez Roldán, were also at the event. All of them thanked the riders, the sponsors, participating establishments and the jury for their collaboration.

The ceremony was opened by the mayor of Breña Alta, the host municipality of the event, Jonathan de Felipe, highlighting the participation figures in such a special edition as this one and assessing the culinary quality that takes place on this island: “I think we are a gastronomically exquisite island and that we can become, in some way within the parameters of sustainability, food sovereignty and circular economy, to be a boutique in Europe. I, as a representative of the municipality of Breña Alta, tell you that after this, after a pandemic and seeing the results of this Route, I am very clear that we have a lot of future if the administrations put their shoulders together with you. Many congratulations to each and every one of those who have made this result possible, to the people who have seen fit to make visible, promote and consume the products in this Route of Crosses and Tapas that has broken all the records of its nine editions ”.

The Vice-President of the Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce in La Palma, Alicia Pérez Garnier, continued, highlighting the commitment with which this Route began ten years ago, invigorating the region and merging gastronomy and tradition: “Today after 9 editions and a stoppage due to the serious global crisis that befell us, we can be proud of the teamwork and the results that have been obtained, surpassing all the figures of any previous edition despite the sanitary measures. From the Chamber we continue with the commitment to support these gastronomic initiatives in which innovation and tradition go hand in hand, helping to encourage local consumption and generate economic development on our island “