• Over the last few years we have developed a signature cuisine in which, among other things, the preparation of different varieties of local fresh fish stands out. Our cuisine has traditional touches but we like to refine what we do as much as possible and that translates into exquisite dishes that stand out for their perfect preparation in a unique environment and with plates that really make the food delicious. This has led us to win prizes within the local gastronomy such as the restaurant with the best tapa (awarded by the jury) or the best tapa (awarded by the public) or the best service.
  • The Kiosko Playa Salemera Restaurant is located, as its name suggests, on La Salemera Beach in the municipality of Villa de Mazo. We are right next to the beach and the La Salemera lighthouse, so you can feel the breeze and smell of the sea, the noise of the waves crashing very close or see a sunny day when you want to bathe in the water. The Municipality of Villa de Mazo has accommodations in a rural and very quiet area, there are many artisans of different trades, a spectacular market, Museums (such as the Red House, the Mycology Center or the Belmaco Archaeological Park), we also have routes of trails … In short: a quiet area that offers different solutions to enjoy.
  • In our restaurant we are clear that the best foods are those that are produced locally. That is why, day by day, we are incorporating food from nearby and insular production and we buy our fish directly from local fishermen. In this way, we collaborate with the local economy and guarantee that the products are fresh and of quality. In addition, we also spread the values of the municipality by collaborating with the dissemination of local traditions and culture.

    Maria Nuria


    María Nuria Castro is the owner and chef. Her passion for cooking comes to her from a very young age, when she was a child and she was already looking at the stove, but it was in 2007 when she decided to open this restaurant to provide a close but professional service with products such as fresh fish from area.


    Our cuisine is based on respect for local products and elaboration with all possible details in a quality product so that customers can enjoy it to the fullest.


    We have a wide variety of products depending on the season. For us it is important that people can have a wide gastronomic offer so that they are happy while eating what they like.


    Some of the most popular dishes are fried octopus or tuna tartare. We cannot stop mentioning the paellas (another of our specialties). If you want paella, you are in the right place.